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Norland Pub, Inc.: A Historic Gem of Chambersburg, PA’s Dining Scene


In the heart of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the Norland Pub, Inc. stands as a beloved establishment steeped in history and known for its warm atmosphere and delicious cuisine. As one of Chambersburg’s enduring culinary landmarks, the Norland Pub, Inc. has captured the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. Let’s explore the rich tapestry of this historic pub. Visit this link for more information.

Historical Roots

From Residence to Pub

The Norland Pub, Inc. is housed in a beautifully preserved historic building, originally constructed as a residence in the 1800s. Over time, this architectural gem transitioned into a gathering place for the community, eventually becoming the charming pub we know today. Read about Chambersburg Bike Park: A Thrilling Hub for Cyclists in Chambersburg, PA here.

The Dining Experience

Pub Fare with a Twist

The menu at Norland Pub, Inc. is a delightful fusion of traditional pub fare and contemporary culinary creations. From hearty burgers and savory sandwiches to chef-inspired specials, the pub offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every palate.

Craft Beer and Spirits

A highlight of the Norland Pub, Inc. experience is its well-curated selection of craft beers and spirits. Beer enthusiasts can explore a rotating selection of local and regional brews, making the pub a favorite among beer connoisseurs.

Ambiance and Events

Cozy Atmosphere

The pub’s warm and inviting ambiance is reminiscent of a classic English tavern, complete with exposed brick walls and wooden accents. It’s the perfect setting for a cozy dinner or casual gathering.

Live Entertainment

Throughout the year, the Norland Pub, Inc. hosts live music events, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the dining experience. These performances enhance the welcoming atmosphere and create memorable evenings for patrons.

Community Engagement

Supporting Local Causes

The Norland Pub, Inc. actively engages with the Chambersburg community, supporting local charities and events. It’s not just a place to dine but a community partner dedicated to giving back.


The Norland Pub, Inc. in Chambersburg, PA, is more than just a place to enjoy a meal; it’s a living testament to the town’s rich history and vibrant culinary culture. With its combination of historic charm, delectable cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere, it continues to be a beloved gathering spot for locals and a must-visit destination for those exploring Chambersburg’s culinary scene.

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